BITU Hosts Heinz Simonitsch School students

by Bustamante Industrial Trade Union

BITU Hosts Heinz Simonitsch School students

The Heinz Simonitsch School may not be popularly known but similarly to Mount Alvernia High, Montego Bay High, Hosanah Prep and Montego Bay Christian Academy, it is also to be found in city of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Recently, the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union had the privilege of hosting several students from the school, who were chaperoned by their Principal Mrs. Bert and supporting staff.

During this educational experience, students posed several questions related to the Union’s structure and the general functions of trade unions in today’s world to Vice President Rudolph Thomas. Discussions advanced into more intricate spheres of industrial relations, as the students enquired into specific areas of grievance handling procedures, the operations of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal and supportive legislation.

The students were congratulated for the enthusiasm and curiosity they displayed in relation to the field of industrial relations and specifically trade unionism; they were encouraged never to lose the interest that they had displayed.

Located on the grounds of the Half Moon Bay Resort in Montego Bay, the school has approximately 250 students from ages 4 to 16 and operates based on the usual three terms forming the educational year; from September to December, January to March and April to July.