Unionised BOJ workers restive

by Collin Virgo

Unionised BOJ workers restive

Unionised workers at the Bank of Jamaica are reportedly restive.

The Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) told RJR News that the employees are upset about the delay in settling outstanding issues following negotiations for the 2015/2017 contract period.

The union said it served an ultimatum on the Central Bank on Wednesday and has informed the Ministry of Labour of the industrial unrest.

Kavan Gayle, President-General of the BITU, said the parties had agreed during the negotiations to continue to pursue some issues that would have been concluded before the submissions of wage claims.

“It is in our view that the bank is frustrating the process by rejecting the outcome of a market survey that they had commissioned , that the results would have formed the way in going forward. There were certain other policy issues that would have been attained for the improved provisions to the benefit of the staff, that the bank has failed to conclude the negotiations on,” he said.